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Canadian Wireless Network Performance: No Service, No Satisfaction

Bell Mobility and TELUS Mobility Tie for Highest Rank in the Ontario Region;
SaskTel Ranks Highest in the West Region;
and Videotron Ranks Highest in the East Region in Network Quality Performance

TORONTO: 11 June 2015 — Wireless customers have high expectations when it comes to calling, texting or Web browsing, and any impediments to connectivity directly impact their perceptions of network performance, according to the J.D. Power 2015 Canadian Wireless Network Quality StudySM released today.

The study examines wireless carriers’ network performance in three areas: calling, messaging and data. Network performance issues are measured as problems per 100 (PP100) connections, with a lower score reflecting fewer problems and higher network performance. Carrier performance is examined in three geographic regions: West, Ontario and East.

Consumers are increasingly dependent on wireless connectivity for social and business needs. Problems, such as dropped calls, unsent text messages and the inability to connect to a website while using their wireless device—either inside or outside a building—have a significant negative impact on customer perceptions of their carrier’s network quality. On average, wireless customers experience the highest number of network quality problems with data (14 PP100), followed by calls (13 PP100) and messaging (5 PP100). The most frequently experienced problems with data are slow downloads (15 PP100) and Web connection errors (10 PP100).

“Whether updating social media, browsing the Internet, checking email or using the Starbucks app to buy coffee, wireless customers hold their carrier accountable to deliver a stable connection at a speed that will enable them to accomplish their desired task,” said Adrian Chung, account director at J.D. Power. “With the high penetration of smartphones, the focal point for measuring wireless network quality is data. A single PP100 network quality difference represents an impact to a customer’s connectivity, the ability to engage in daily activities and ultimately the level of satisfaction with their carrier.”


  • Customers who say they "definitely will not" switch carriers experience an average of 5 PP100 network quality issues, compared with 17 PP100 among those who say they "definitely will" switch carriers.
  • Among wireless customers who have a 4G-compatible smartphone, 13 percent of those who own an LG device indicate their data speeds are faster than expected, compared with only 11 percent of BlackBerry owners, 9 percent of Samsung owners and 8 percent of Apple iPhone owners who indicate the same.
  • Wireless phone customers in the West region report 9 PP100, on average, while customers in Ontario report an average of 10 PP100, and those in the East region report an average of 8 PP100.

Wireless Carrier Rankings

In the West region, SaskTel ranks highest in overall network quality (8 PP100) and performs particularly well in call quality, messaging quality and data quality.

In Ontario, Bell Mobility and TELUS Mobility tie for highest rank in overall network quality (9 PP100 each). Bell Mobility performs particularly well in call quality and messaging quality. TELUS Mobility performs particularly well in call quality and data quality.

In the East region, Videotron ranks highest in overall network quality (6 PP100) and performs particularly well in call quality, messaging quality and data quality.

The 2015 Canadian Wireless Network Quality Study is based on responses from more than 13,000 wireless customers who had used their phone within the previous 48 hours. The study was fielded in October-November 2014 (Wave 1) and March 2015 (Wave 2).

Overall network performance is based on 10 problem areas that impact the customer experience: dropped calls; calls not connected; audio issues; late or failed voicemails; lost calls; text message transmission failures; late or failed text message notifications; Web connection errors; slow downloads; and email connection errors.

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