Certified Customer Service Program

Certified Customer Service

Motivate your customers and your organization

Customer service executives not only need to ensure their operations are functioning at the highest possible level, but also seek internal and external recognition for being professionally managed—confirmation that they are contributing to their organization’s overall value. The problem with virtually all certification programs is that neither the certified organization’s executive management nor their customers know what the certification represents or why they should care. Certifications built on internal performance metrics and adherence to technical operating standards serve a purpose, but rarely do they resonate with management executives who are responsible for finances, or move customers to buy more of what your company delivers.

J.D. Power Certified Customer Service Program

The J.D. Power Certified Customer Program directly addresses the performance your customers and management value most, offering meaningful recognition by a trusted, credible source to boost awareness, sales, and profits. The certification includes:

  • A comprehensive survey that measures customer satisfaction, operational excellence, loyalty, and advocacy for the assisted phone channel, the interactive voice response (IVR) routing and self-service channels, and the Web self-service channel
  • Process reviews and staff interviews through an onsite evaluation conducted by industry experts, comparing your operations to the 313 established best practices that drive operational excellence and customer satisfaction
  • Detailed reports and facilitated readouts that help identify and close gaps
  • A one-year license to use the same J.D. Power survey and Customer Service Best Practices Scorecard used throughout the certification process
  • Guidance on how your company may promote this achievement on your website, on email signatures, at trade shows, and through other impactful materials 

The Benefits

The program’s operational rigor helps drive continuous improvement across the phone and assisted digital channels, IVR self-service, and Web self-service channels. The credibility of the J.D. Power brand advises everyone in the organization, from the CEO to the front line staff and your customers, that the organization is committed to providing an outstanding customer experience, and may help shape and reinforce a high-performing, customer-first culture.


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