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In the highly competitive and evolving Business Process Outsourcing marketplace, outsourced service providers are challenged with standing out from the crowd for buyer consideration. All outsource solution providers claim high performance and reduced cost, and solution ROI claims are met with skepticism. How can your brand cut through the clutter and move to the front of the line by proving performance and ROI in a credible way? Is your organization eligible for J.D. Power Verified Impact distinction?

Verified Impact for Outsourcers by J.D. Power

J.D. Power Verified Impact for Outsourcers addresses buyer uncertainty and gives you a competitive advantage by providing an objective and authoritative validation of performance that prospects trust. J.D. Power measures and objectively verifies the impact of your technology, process improvement and customer engagement solutions on customer experience and employee engagement. Those providers participating as a Verified Impact Provider have the opportunity to leverage the trusted J.D. Power name to promote the impact of their service and solutions to the market.

The Verified Impact Report

Upon completion of review, providers will receive a report detailing the following:

  • A description of our review process and the company who purchased/trialed the solution
  • Stats assessing the solution environment: complexity rating, number of customers, number of contacts, and an accounting of the current contact types as available
  • A description of the current environment or service that the solution will replace
  • A “Complexity Rating” which is a 0-100 score with “0” being the least complex environment, 50 being the average and 100 being the most complex environment.”
  • Detailed insight on KPIs and relative performance of the customer experience across key attributes and diagnostics before and after implementing the solution
  • Savings calculations using generally-agreed upon assumptions around the cost drivers affected by this solution

This report will offer an unbiased review of the effectiveness of the solution based on the customer/user experience and verified KPI differences normalized by J.D. Power to account for calculation differences that may exist between platforms or entities.


Verified Impact clients are able to use their distinction to:

  • Improve lead generation
  • Penetrate accounts more easily
  • Accelerate the sales cycle
  • Land more pilots
  • Experience faster scale-ups
  • Prove ROI more easily
  • Reduce client friction
  • Retain more customers

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