Who Can Benefit From Incentive Services?

Incentives are a powerful selling tool that can help consumers narrow in on a vehicle and move inventory more quickly. The value of a good incentive is not lost on any of the major automakers, who each spend 10 -20% of their revenues on incentives each year.1  However, getting accurate incentive data and presenting it to consumers quickly can be a daunting task.

Who Can Benefit From Incentive Services?

We live in a world where price-conscious consumers head online first to shop for vehicles, where dealer service providers want to drive measurable results, where third-party sites are under pressure to deliver in-market buyers and where dealers want to make sales quickly. Accurate and timely incentive information is a must have, not a nice to have.

Dealer Service Providers

Driven to deliver measurable results and help drive additional profits for their dealer clients, the biggest challenge for dealer service providers is getting their hands on all the incentives available. The providers must find incentive details quickly in order to market the dealer’s vehicles effectively. Displaying accurate incentives on a dealer’s website is a powerful way to attract shoppers with higher than average conversion rates.

Consumer Research Sites

Third-party sites are used by 78% of auto shoppers, representing an important research platform for consumers. Third-party sites, manufacturer sites, dealer sites and search engines complement each other during the shopping process, however, more car buyers (over 50%) use third-party sites than any other.2

Third-party VDPs are great for helping consumers find the model(s) they’re most interested in. From there, they often choose a dealership and visit the model in person. This is an opportunity to sell the vehicle’s value to consumers who are considering a purchase. Access to accurate incentive data during this critical research stage is significant.


When negotiating a transaction, dealers want to know the who, what, where and when of all available incentives so they can quickly and accurately make a deal. Modern car shoppers come to the showroom more informed than ever before. Because major automakers are focused on driving incentives, and those incentives are constantly changing, dealers benefit greatly from an incentive solution. An incentive service gives them more time for customer contact and less time learning the new incentives. Consumers can be reached with compelling rebates, offers and special financing long before they visit the dealership, leading to increased sales when they finally do walk through the door.

We can help

Chrome Incentives Service transforms the buying experience with consistently accurate information for powering your software solutions. Get instant access to available U.S. and Canadian retail and lease offers on any vehicle. This vast resource of data includes customer cash, finance rates, MSRP offers, lease data and special programs, as well as stackability and equipment-specific rules.

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