Jon Sederstrom of J.D. Power Highlights the Role of Managing Customers’ Digital Retail Experience in Driving Sales for Automotive Dealers

As the bulk of the economy clicks into online resources to address a growing array of consumer needs, many in the automotive industry have struggled with how to respond and operate effectively in the digital world. In 2019, 43% of consumers surveyed by J.D. Power indicated that they would like to complete automotive transactions digitally. It is a trend that has only continued to gather steam through a tumultuous and disruptive 2020.

That said, achieving success in automotive digital retail operations does not have to be an all-or-nothing proposition.

“Most automotive purchases today still occur in showrooms. How consumers get there, is a far different journey. One that is fraught with all kinds of complexities and perils that can lead to confusion and frustration. However, dealerships have an opportunity to add value and engage with consumers in a more hands-on, supportive way”, says Jon Sederstrom, Managing Director of Strategic Initiatives for the J.D. Power Global Automotive Division.

In this article, Jon Sederstrom identifies key areas that need to be addressed, including:

  • The necessity of shifting dealership culture to embrace a “Digital Sherpa” mentality that is focused on guiding customers through the entire digital retail journey – rather than a sole focus on ‘closing sales’.
  • The call for an operational shift in the way that dealerships run and staff their showrooms that reflects the online shopping experience of their customers.
  • New engagement strategies that will empower dealers to maintain—and improve—margins and achieve differentiation in today’s increasingly challenging automotive marketplace.

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