Drive Engagement With Your Virtual Showroom

It’s almost redundant to point out that modern car buying has changed. Everyone knows that today’s consumers do most of their vehicle research online. The average new car buyer also visits fewer dealerships before buying — only 1.6 dealership visits before making a purchase compared to an average of five dealerships visited in 2005, according to McKinsey.

Drive Engagement With Your Virtual Showroom

A survey performed by Digital Dealer found that 42% of car buyers agreed that VDPs are the most useful pages on a dealer’s website. Despite the importance of online selling, VDPs often do a poor job of actively engaging auto shoppers.

Online Selling Is a Visual Medium 

Visualizing a vehicle is critically important, especially in the age of the internet. The foundation of selling any product online is accurate and informative visuals that convey not only the what and how of the product, but also the why of it.

Search interest for “pictures of [automotive brand]” is up 37% year-over-year, according to Google. Also, 80% of these searches are happening on mobile, and prospects purchase from the first brand they search for just 22% of the time. So, a mobile-first VPD is crucial for converting a casual online shopper into a purchaser.

While zooming in with relevant photos helps make the car the star of the show, many dealers stop at capturing the car with low resolution photos that are inconsistent across models. It’s even better if you can use video to further stress the features in the vehicle. Walkaround videos and VIN/model test drives create a compelling shopping experience for your customers, driving more engagement and conversions.

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