7 Applications Of Chrome Style IDs

The Chrome Style ID is the backbone of our business. We couldn’t be prouder to have originated a style type that has made its way across the automotive industry to standardize vehicle details, making life easier for automotive service providers around the world.

7 Applications Of Chrome Style IDs

The Chrome Style ID is a standard six-character ID that is the gateway to the most complete and accurate portfolio of vehicle content and technology available. Style IDs allow you to quickly and easily integrate your data across all ChromeData solutions, giving dealers access to agile solutions for your changing needs.

We can decode a VIN with Automotive Description Service to get a Chrome Style ID and use that in Chrome Construct to toggle options for an as-built description.

But that’s just one application. Do you know just how many applications the Chrome Style ID actually serves?

Used Vehicle Valuations

Kelley Blue Book, Black Book and NADAGuides all work with Style IDs. Forget visiting multiple websites for information or making best guesses, our mapping tables easily retrieve the Chrome Style ID and a provider’s vehicle ID. Essential for fleet companies, financial institutions and remarketers, our mapping tables drive better vehicle representation, competitive market pricing and greater profitability.

ACES Mapping

Direct mapping between a Chrome Style ID and ACES vehicle ID reduces multiple parts ordering and returns while enabling smooth integration with our VIN decoding and content solutions. Chrome Style IDs are essential for accessing complete vehicle descriptions.

Autodata Mapping Tables

This mapping product consists of vehicle-to-vehicle mapping between Autodata’s Acodes and Chrome Style IDs. Each vehicle mapping is labeled as either an exact or inexact fit. The mapping begins with the 2000 model year vehicles for U.S. and Canada.

ALG Mapping Data

Created for companies that use both ALG and Chrome such as lenders and fleet companies, this product includes mapping of Chrome Style ID, ALG ID and year.

VIN Batch Processing

If you have a batch of vehicles that you need to convert into detailed descriptions, VIN batch processing system is a fast and easy way to get all the automotive information you need. Upload a list of VINs, YMMs or Chrome Style IDs to retrieve your file of rich vehicle descriptions.

Chrome Incentive Services

Our incentive programs offer complete retail and lease incentives for the U.S. and Canadian markets, including customer cash, finance rates, lease data and special programs. All deals are based on customer zip code or postal code and a vehicle identifier, whether that is a VIN, Chrome Style ID or Autodata Acode. You can integrate incentives with research and inventory tools without the headache of compatibility issues that heavily tap resources.

Third Party Vendors

Direct mapping between Chrome Style IDs and third-party providers streamlines workflow and enables better representation for lease agreements, loan originations and remarketing decisions.

This is not an exhaustive list of applications. Chrome Style ID is the industry standard for linking automotive descriptive data to provide easy-to-implement and normalized information.

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