6 Reasons You Need As-Built Valuation Service

A more complete used vehicle value — automatically.

6 Reasons You Need As-Built Valuation Service

From those looking to list a vehicle for sale all the way to those wanting to develop an automotive app harnessing vehicle valuation data, accurate valuations can be a deal breaker. Inefficient valuations may miss crucial add/deducts and outdated algorithmic approaches leave valuation “gaps” that drive down the accuracy of the valuation.

By partnering with premiere guide and book companies, we’re able to provide the industry’s first valuation platform that uses feature-level build data to automatically determine the value of each vehicle with key features and equipment — for a single VIN or an entire batch.

The all-new As-Built Valuation Service (ABVS) utilizes ChromeData’s VIN decoding capabilities and build data to precisely describe the total value of the vehicle, including any additional “add/deducts” applied to the vehicle. This automatic process saves you time and ensures accurate valuations that drive your bottom line.

Why your business needs ABVS:  

The completeness of ChromeData and the trusted values of Black Book® and Galves®  

When you want the best names in vehicle data, there’s no better place to turn than ChromeData, Black Book and Galves. ChromeData has been the leader in automotive technology solutions for more than 30 years; Black Book provides industry-leading used vehicle valuations and residual forecast data; and Galves has been the guidebook of choice for many dealers since 1957. Powered by world-class automotive data, these three powerhouses teaming up means you can count on the most accurate add/deducts for the most powerful valuation.

Useful across the entire automotive industry

Accurate valuations serve professionals across the automotive industry by reducing the risk of incorrect values, saves time and increases efficiencies. for any business that works with lending, loan origination, portfolio risk analysis, repossession/remarketing, insurance/total loss, listing sites, auctions, portal sites and trade-in evaluations.

Automated solution takes the guesswork out of add/deducts

Without ABVS to retrieve vehicle valuations, you are required to maintain two connections — one with ChromeData for vehicle descriptions and a second connection with your guidebook of choice for vehicle valuations. Now you can have it all in one process to both describe and value your vehicles. ABVS automatically performs a valuation, with automated VIN-specific decoding and adjustments on vehicle options, trims and add/deducts — saving significant time for users.

Single or batch VIN service is quick and powerful

ABVS works either through a single VIN or a powerful batch processing system that handles large volumes of vehicles at once. It’s a fast and easy way to process all VINs with minimal effort — simply upload a list of VINs and then download a single result file.

Customizable data gives you exactly the results you need

With ABVS, you can get all the values you need to tailor your service to suit your business.

ABVS includes values such as:

  • Rough, average, clean and X-clean
  • Wholesale, trade-in retail
  • Detailed returns with complete add/deduct lists

Responsive platform is easy to use and looks great across devices  

Developers and professionals can use the mobile, responsive ABVS platform. The service uses a convenient REST-based service that supports all browsers. Output is an easily usable JSON format that can be customized to suit your specific solution or business model.

Learn more about ABVS or call 1-800.936.8906 (option 2).