5 Reasons For Switching To A Web-Based Fleet Tool

In the fast-paced world of fleet pricing and sales, hurried accuracy is the name of the game. Luckily, the fleet pricing and reporting industry has innovated to take advantage of the digital revolution.

5 Reasons For Switching To A Web-Based Fleet Tool

For modern fleet professionals, an online reporting tool has some serious advantages over pen and paper that add adaptability, speed, features and accuracy to the quoting and ordering process.

Here are some of the key advantages to moving the process online.

1. Speed is essential

With so many vehicle possibilities and combinations, it’s unreasonable to expect a vehicle provider to spout a fountain of knowledge about a specific fleet set at the drop of a hat. And of course, there are always the packages and pricing to add even more complexity to the mix. But despite the intricacies, most consumers expect a fast response to their interests, so vehicle providers can’t afford to be checking the manufacturer site every time they need an answer.

An online tool reduces the complexity and time it takes to research, which can make the difference between winning and losing the sale in today’s competitive automotive market.

2. More features than ever

Modern vehicles benefit from a wealth of new features and trim levels. But those new features add complexity to building out reports, because navigating to third-party research sites and searching on manufacturer websites are often time-consuming and inefficient activities. An online tool gives you all available options and trim levels with the push of a button, and a good tool can give you the build, price and specifics within minutes.

3. Online systems reduce errors

For fleet professionals working without an online fleet reporting tool, the process can be tedious and involved. They have to build the vehicle, print out the data, bind the pages and physically hand the information to their customers. Then comes the time to sit down and make in-person, written changes before doing updates by hand. An online tool allows you to do everything in one step and simply email the report to the customer for review. Reducing the number of steps decreases room for errors, and there’s an electronic record of every step.

4. Professional application helps grow your customer base

Writing reports by hand might be fine for businesses that process small batches of orders. But that doesn’t work so well for those looking to scale up their sales and grow their businesses. Orders may come in from local contractors who need a handful of vans for business purposes or from large companies looking to set up a whole fleet. An online tool allows you to quickly export and import vehicle data, giving you the increased ability to compare large volumes of vehicles for professional quotes to be shared with businesses of all sizes.

5. Digital is the future

As a fleet professional, you can’t afford not to have complete vehicle information at your fingertips. Flexible, multi-user research tools allow you to quickly and easily configure, research and share your work with just a few clicks.


Carbook Pro, by Autodata Solutions, is comprehensive and easy-to-use, giving you exactly the information you need to create powerful fleet proposals for presenting your research to clients or stakeholders. And with a web-based platform and always up-to-date data, you can be up and running fast and have confidence that all information is timely and accurate.