5 Reasons Automotive Brands Should Embrace Reviews On Their Websites

People throughout time have relied on word-of-mouth recommendations to help make their purchase decisions.

5 Reasons Automotive Brands Should Embrace Reviews On Their Websites

One thing has changed, and that is the platform where shoppers share their experiences. Instead of face-to-face, today’s consumers seek reviews online — often from people they have never met — before they buy. An impressive 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.1

Types of reviews run the gamut from polished pieces written by professional journalists to authentic opinions from customers who have the experience of driving their cars every day. Browsing a variety of content, automotive shoppers are being influenced online. Car brands have a major opportunity to help customers in the research phase, as well as put their brand front of mind.

Why feature reviews on your website?

  1. People want them

If you don’t host them on your website, a simple Google search for reviews is all it will take for shoppers to find what they want. Upon leaving your site to find them, your journey with a potential customer has likely come to an end.

  1. Make their lives easier

People are busy. We must make hundreds of decisions each day, and it gets tiresome. Save your customers just a little bit of time by offering up reviews as a tool for quicker research. Your customers will appreciate it and are much more likely to purchase your brand.

  1. Give them confidence

People trust what their peers and people independent of the brand have to say. Instead of lofty sales pitches, they can find answers to questions that other sources cannot provide. Reviews are great for getting people to start thinking about what their lives would be like with the vehicle after purchase.

  1. Don’t worry about negative reviews

If you’re confident in your vehicles, then you have nothing to hide. Sure, you will get some poor reviews — there’s no way to please everyone. However, the bulk of your reviews will likely be positive. Are you seeing a trend of the same criticisms? There is probably a valid reason, so use this knowledge to improve.

  1. Be happy that they’re happy

When a customer is matched with their perfect vehicle, it’s also beneficial for automakers and dealers. If shoppers are able to really get a sense for what they want and need in their new cars by reading reviews, you end up with satisfied customers, who in turn leave their own shining reviews online, spread great word-of-mouth advertising and become brand loyal.

Let it go

It makes sense that you might feel cautious about adding online reviews as part of your strategy, because it means letting go of some control over messaging. However, you will see that the benefits outweigh any potential problems.

We can help

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