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The success of your Customer Experience Management (CEM) program is only as good as the setup. The drivers of CX go beyond customer satisfaction and quality -- they are tied into brand perception. 


Align the puzzle pieces

Customer Experience doesn’t improve overnight or with only one approach. You’re flooded with tools and approaches, all guaranteeing a boost in CX and ROI. J.D. Power moves past the nonsense to help understand what’s required based on where your company sits on the CX lifecycle, your company goals, and competitive alignment.

  1. Understand your brand’s strengths and weaknesses in customer experience
  2. Analyze your customers are saying about their experience and how you stack up against competitors
  3. Target opportunities to deliver a more consistent customer experience and enhance customer experience

Our approach


Define success

Establish your customer and employee-centric vision to ensure your ability to deliver. What are your company’s goals? No matter your goals, J.D. Power’s industry and CX experts can help determine the right steps for your brand to accelerate the rate of change in improving your customer experience.

Identify the right partners

With so many options, selecting the right partner to support your CX Program can be daunting. Together, J.D. Power and our platform partners have 50+ years of industry expertise, benchmarking data, and market-leading technology to provide the best-in-class customer experience insights, expertise and capabilities. 

Let J.D. Power guide you through the maze of vendor selection and program design

Design program aligned to CX strategy and objectives

Define stakeholders in addition to the capabilities required to act on feedback

Identify # of touchpoints, channels to solicit feedback, and frequency of customer interaction

Collaborate with technology to define technical and data security platform requirements

Understand the Data CX

Align the data

Understand how the data aligns and what's next. Data analytics and insights are derived from feedback across the total customer journey and reveal how your customers use your products and services, identify their “moments of truth,” and position us to convert findings into actionable insights.

Deliver results

Improve results through clear insights and decisive action. J.D. Power industry experts leverage initiative impact analysis to identify which efforts are working and which are not, to maximize value from limited resources. Hands-on workshops with customer experience and industry experts bring tactical clarity and prioritization to a 1 or multi-year customer experience (CX) improvement plan.

Glasses data

Already Have a Customer Experience Program in Place?

Are you maximizing the results? Businesses today have streams of operational, financial, and experience data. So the question isn’t whether the data exists, but whether it’s being used to drive improvements for your organization. With more than 50 years of customer experience research data, J.D. Power can help you do just that.

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