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"The definition of vehicle quality has evolved. Vehicle owners now expect defect-free vehicles that are also designed to meet their expectations."

Deliver on expectations

With industry experts and proven methods that yield measurable improvements, we help develop a competitive advantage by integrating the Voice of the Customer into the areas of strategic planning, product development, manufacturing, engineering, supply chain operations, launch and production, and sales and service. Learn more about J.D. Power's solutions >


Advisory Consulting Solutions

Client Case Studies

  • US
    Production System Improvement (PSI) Support Hero

    Improved in-plant detection of powertrain and functional concerns by 27.1 concerns/1000 vehicles resulting in warranty avoidance of over 5,300 claims annually. 30% improvement in 0-MIS warranty & 40% improvement in 1-MIS warranty over 7 months

    Improved First Time Capability in Canadian plant by 11% in 6 months

    Production System improvements drove a US IQS defect / malfunction performance improvement by 20% over a 3 year period

    US OEMs
  • Germany
    Production System Assessment Hero

    Production System enhancements led to a corporate defect/malfunction improvement of 45% over an 8 year period. Plant awards in 2014 & 2015

    QOS Enhancements contributed to a greater than 50% reduction in defect/malfunction problems and a plant award

    German OEMs
  • Japan
    Quality System Element (QSE) Training

    Production System Enhancements contributed to 31% EOL Inspection defect reduction and Plant award for 2 consecutive years

    Conducted 2-year on site activities to improve production performance and problem resolution effectiveness resulting in IQS improvement of 20+% over a two year period

    Japanese OEMs
  • Korea
    Launch Readiness Review LRR Hero

    System Improvements led the way for factory First Time Through improvement of
    14% in one year

    63% reduction in end-of-line defects (as measured by EOL defects per vehicle)

    2 year Launch Readiness project led to greenfield plant’s 1st Quartile performance
    in first US IQS

    Korean OEMs
  • China
    Paint Operations Improvement (POI) Support

    First Time Through improved by over 17% in a 6 month period

    End-of-Line DPU improvement of 38% in 9 months

    Chinese OEMs
  • Suppliers
    Auto Production Assessment

    Improved OEM Customer Reject PPM by 68% over a 6 month period 

    Supplier modified entire assembly process based on J.D. Power’s launch readiness recommendations

    Structural chassis component manufacturer went from being the lowest ranked by
    an OEM to above average rank in one year

    Tier 1 Suppliers

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