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UnityWorks Announces New Suite Of Dynamic Inventory Video Ad Solutions

UnityWorks, an Autodata Solutions company, has unveiled its latest in cutting-edge technology for the automotive industry – Dynamic Inventory Video Ads that pull VINs directly from dealer inventory into various ad units on multiple media platforms. Trusted by over 7,000 dealers, UnityWorks is the industry’s leader in micro-targeted, data-driven video marketing.

Unityworks Announces New Suite Of Dynamic Inventory Video Ad Solutions

These new dynamic VIN video ads complement the tried-and-true custom model video ads used daily by thousands of dealers across the country. The suite of Dynamic Inventory Video Ads is ideal for near-term, in-market buyers and for retargeting auto shoppers who have shown interest in particular models or visited the dealer’s website.

Dynamic Inventory Video Ads are available today on Google’s Display & Video 360 platform (featured on thousands of quality websites), YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. On one core media platform, these dynamic ads have demonstrated a 200+% improvement in click-through performance versus ad units that do not include VIN images or offers.

“Dealers need to move their inventory and adding this suite of VIN-level dynamic advertising to a dealer’s video strategy provides a powerful tool to drive engagement, store traffic and new car sales today,” said Tim Copacia, Executive Vice President of Strategic Development at UnityWorks. “Although click-through metrics in video advertising are a nice bonus and not the primary value of the channel, we have seen dramatic improvements in click-through performance by adding dynamic VIN images into our video ad units.”

Dynamic Inventory Video Ads on YouTube and Google start off with a model and dealer-selected offer followed by VINs directly from the dealer’s inventory. As VINs featured in the ad sell, they are automatically replaced by other new or used inventory units. Multiple exterior and interior images are presented for each VIN, and AI image recognition adjusts the photos to optimally merchandise each VIN.

Facebook VIN Carousel ads from UnityWorks are another hyper-targeted option for dealers. These 15-second dealer-branded video ads with an offer are followed by clickable images of specific VINs in stock. In-market auto shoppers can quickly swipe to view the dealer’s vehicles and click to go straight to the dealer’s VDPs. The No. 1 ad format to influence a purchase, online video prompts an impressive 75% of auto shoppers to buy, according to Google.

“For a dealership to stay on the leading edge, a comprehensive video strategy is essential for converting auto shoppers into buyers,” said Copacia. “We will continue to deliver and innovate with high-quality video content and targeted campaigns that deliver results for our dealers.”

About UnityWorks
UnityWorks, an Autodata Solutions brand, is the automotive industry’s premier provider of video marketing. Having pioneered the use of data-driven video at scale for automotive dealers, UnityWorks is widely known for creating vehicle-specific video campaigns and content that drives engagement, search lift and more sales. Learn more about Dynamic Inventory Video ads.

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