Trending: Retail Auto Parts Sales Surge Due To Digital

As digital is influencing every part of the automotive industry, it is now driving billions of dollars in aftermarket retail sales.

Digital will influence $152 billion dollars in parts and accessories sales by 2021* — a figure that includes all retail channels, both online and off, according to a Hedges & Company forecast. While sales are growing rapidly for online retailers and manufacturers selling direct to consumers, it’s the brick and mortar retailers who may find themselves unprepared.

The role of online research is increasingly critical for dealers and retailers looking to bridge the gap between the old and new worlds of automotive marketing. Over 93% of auto parts buyers do online research before they buy, even when they’re intending to purchase in an offline store. Also, 82% of parts buyers base their decision on a brand’s online presence.

With a competitive market, parts and accessories retailers must maintain an effective online presence that can cater to the research demands of shoppers and give them a convenient, accessible way to purchase.

Furthermore, that experience must include mobile capability. In 2018, sales of parts and accessories by mobile device totaled $5.8 billion — a 30% increase since over 2017. Mobile sales are projected to grow to over $10 billion by 2021.

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