Fabian Chowanetz of J.D. Power Describes the Ongoing Debate on the Future of Universal Infotainment Operating Systems

As the global automotive industry explores the pros and cons of pursuing a universal infotainment operating systems strategy, manufacturers are wrestling with the implications on consumer relationships with brands, says Fabian Chowanetz, Manager in Automotive Consulting at J.D. Power Europe.

“Until recently, automakers have largely pursued their own digital engagement strategies, creating proprietary operating systems to offer unique experiences across makes and models. It has been a particular area of focus for luxury-vehicle manufacturers that seek to create distinct and elevated value propositions for their high-end brands. By adding more and more functions—partly inspired by consumer electronics and mobile device experiences—those manufacturers have created powerful and feature-rich infotainment systems,” he says.

Learn how the industry is responding to the tension developing as it evaluates options for universal infotainment operating systems:

  • The evolving landscape across proprietary and universal operating systems
  • Consumer attitudes about existing OS such as Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto
  • Implications for designers and developers


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