Get Vin Descriptions You Can Trust – Now In Color!

Did you know you’re losing on average $400+ per vehicle due to bad vehicle descriptions?

Autodata Solutions Automotive Description Service

As the proven leader for VIN decoding services with the highest quality and most accurate data (sourced directly from the OEM), you can rely on ChromeData’s Automotive Description Service (ADS) to help you establish the true value of the vehicle and protect your margins.

ADS provides the level of data that your business demands. We have several OEMs (representing roughly 40-50% of the vehicle for sale  – retail and wholesale) who have authorized us to provide Build Data to our customers as part of our decoding services.

We offer two levels of descriptive services. Choose which one is right for your business:

  • ADS Basic delivers ideal data for quick inventory listings, validation, verification and data normalization. 
  • ADS Full delivers the basic data, as well as a complete array of data points for the most comprehensive make, model, trim and equipment descriptions.

What makes our service stand out?

• Authorized provider of OEM Build Data
• Proprietary business rules to aid in reducing descriptive errors
• Integrates with all ChromeData products using our industry standard Chrome Style ID

ADS with Installed Color

Thanks to a significant product enhancement, installed exterior color descriptions are now available as an add-on to the ADS Basic service.

Vehicle color is one of the most important features for describing a piece of inventory. The ability to identify installed color for most VINs is an enhancement we can provide through our extensive data resources. Pairing this feature with Chrome Image Gallery will enable you to market high-quality images of the specific vehicle with the correct color.

If you subscribe to ADS Basic, or you want to subscribe, the Installed Color feature is available now.

Learn more about Automotive Description Service or call us at 1-800-936-8906 (Option 2) for more information or to schedule a demo.