Craig Campbell

Senior Director, Consulting

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Craig Campbell is a Senior Director with the Consulting group of J.D. Power.  Mr. Campbell currently works with clients to improve both product quality and customer satisfaction levels. He has managed multiple quality improvement activities for global corporations in Asia, Europe and the Americas. These range from both process and product evaluations that focus on improving the customer experience. These activities include identification of deficiencies as well as alignment of improvement measures to customer expectations. This involves hands on work with new product development to assist clients in understanding and utilizing customer and consumer quality data to improve their design, operations, and quality practices.  Mr. Campbell has been integral in further developing the current methodology and tools used in this process.

Mr. Campbell has led the J.D. Power quality improvement work for a large U.S. automotive manufacturer for the past four years. In this capacity, he has conducted over 100 evaluations of their global products from early design to pilot vehicle. These evaluations assess the product from a global perspective to identify possible risk to customer satisfaction with a particular focus on human-machine interface as it pertains to the Voice of the Customer.

Prior to joining J.D. Power’s consulting group, Mr. Campbell worked in the Aerospace field. He began his career in the U.S. Air Force as an Instructor and Combat Fighter Pilot with over 2000 hours in single-seat supersonic aircraft. In addition to the flying responsibilities, he also was in charge of Standard and Evaluations, Training, as well as the executive officer for the 47 FTS. After separation from the Air Force, he worked for three years as a First Officer for United Airlines on the 737 based in Los Angeles. Following this assignment he served as an engineer working on the testing and development of aircraft for Boeing.

Mr. Campbell holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the United States Air Force Academy along with numerous post-graduate classes.