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Canada Full Service Investor Satisfaction Study

The J.D. Power Canada Full-Service Investor SatisfactionSM explores the drivers of investor satisfaction and provides a benchmark of excellence for each factor studied. The research reveals dynamics that drive satisfaction among different types of investors such as portfolio size and trading activity. The study equips you with a broad understanding of how your full-service investment firm can improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention, and advocacy.


  • Customized executive presentation and strategy session that gives you data-driven, actionable recommendations for achieving your strategic business goals. You’ll meet with our industry experts who will offer tailored guidance and empower you to use the intelligence to improve your profitability, performance, and capacity for business transformation.
  • Executive briefing document highlighting key trends and insights across the industry. J.D. Power is constantly immersed in understanding what is happening in your marketplace—and with your competition. We track the competition so you don’t have to. Get independent, objective recommendations that keep you ahead of the pack.
  • Scorecard benchmarking your company’s performance compared with the industry across key drivers of satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy metrics. Scorecards help you understand how you compare to your competition and cross-industry. We help you understand where efforts should be focused and the specific actions needed for greatest positive impact on customer experience and business results.
  • Competitive survey data and industry reports including information on customer segments. Upholding the status quo can be a killer. We help you understand where you stand on key customer satisfaction measures relative to your competitors—so you can target key focus areas and drive improvements more effectively.
  • Data and analytical tools for performance insights and competitive comparisons with your peers including access to PowerSource. J.D. Power’s proprietary interactive reporting interface Data is only as powerful as the analysis and insights tied to it—and we are putting that power in your hands. Achieve a complete view of your performance when and where you need it. The data, analytics, insights, best practices, and action plans you need are available whenever and wherever you need them, to help you make data-driven decisions that will improve your customer experience and drive positive financial results.
  • The complete study data file with consumer survey responses. We source current data from real customers so you can understand dynamic customer expectations, sudden/unexpected changes in product quality and be at the forefront of trends.