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Utility Digital Experience Study

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Every interaction a customer has with their local electric, gas, and water utility reflects their overall experience. It is critical for utility companies to provide services that delight customers at every touch point—from reviewing account information online, to making a payment on their mobile app, to resolving an issue through email. Consumer behaviors and expectations are changing, and companies must be able to provide services when and where their customers want them. Utilities that understand their digital strengths and weaknesses will be better positioned to improve customer satisfaction efficiency by deploying resources to enhance areas that will have the most impact.

The Solution

The J.D. Power Utility Digital Experience StudySM provides an analysis of customer perceptions of your company’s digital presence. It explores the correlation between website and mobile app engagement and user experience. Additionally, it provides an overall digital proficiency rating assessed by J.D. Power’s strategic partner, Centric Digital.

Key Features

The study measures the complete digital experience of utility customers:

  • Assisted-Online Digital Channels: In addition to assessing the usability of websites and mobile apps, the study now provides detailed and actionable recommendations to improve the experience with chat, email, text messaging, and social media channels. This study examines which current site functions and designs are most effective in terms of informing customers about their utility’s services and enabling customers to self-service their account.
  • New Index Model: There are five new measurement categories—or factors— included in the index model, which include: Navigation, Appearance, Range of Services, Clarity of Information, and Availability of Key Information. Overall Satisfaction Index Ease of navigating Range of services Availability of key information Clarity of information Appearance of the website/app
  • Expert Evaluation: An expert evaluation of the entire consumer user experience is conducted by Centric Digital and integrated with J.D. Power’s Voice of the Customer data to provide a deep assessment of digital capabilities within the utility industry—as well as across industries—to provide direct insight on where and how utilities should invest in digital to improve their customer experience and long-term value.
  • Video Insights: An analysis of emotion and sentiment is conducted using a collection of videos from survey respondents describing their satisfaction with the utility website or app—as well as what they liked or disliked the most—to uncover deeper insights into the digital experience.
  • Biometric Analysis: Eye-tracking and galvanic skin response techniques are used to evaluate how customers are using the utility website. Results are analyzed to determine areas users view most as well as pinpoint areas that provide a positive or negative experience.

The Benefits

  • Understand how customers currently interact with your utility company
  • Determine how well your digital touch points meet—or fail to meet— customer expectations
  • Discover which companies perform highest digitally (and what they are doing right) within the utility industry and cross-industry
  • Identify the areas of your website and mobile app that need improvement
  • Improve ROI by deploying resources to improve areas that will have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction

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