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U.S. Automotive Website Evaluation Study (AWESxD)

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With the increase in consumers’ dependence on researching vehicle information during their shopping process and their ability to cross-shop websites easily, designing and maintaining effective and useful websites are critical for third-party automotive websites to retain visitors. Well-designed aspects of website appearance, navigation, and speed enhance shoppers’ ability to locate specific content, helping create loyal visitors. Understanding how shoppers perceive the usefulness of websites and what enhancements competitors are making to their websites are both essential elements of creating a satisfying website experience and building loyal visitors that help advocate your website.

The Solution

The J.D. Power U.S. Automotive Website Evaluation StudySM (AWESxD) examines the features and content of third-party automotive websites across all devices that shoppers find useful and engaging when shopping for a vehicle online. This study looks at what content shoppers are using when evaluating third-party websites. AWESxD helps third-party automotive websites identify improvements to make their site more competitive.

The study evaluates four factors related to shoppers’ satisfaction with their experiences with these websites:

  • Appearance
  • Navigation
  • Speed
  • Information/Content

The Benefits

A study subscription provides in-depth information that will allow your company to understand how to:

  • Create and maintain a site that stays ahead of the curve in terms of content, appearance, navigation, and speed
  • Increase website effectiveness to drive visitor loyalty and advocacy
  • Estimate return on investment for proposed site changes and enhancements
  • Evaluate competitive site comparison features based on Voice of the Customer data and expert analysis
  • Obtain benchmarks and insights on desktop, mobile, and tablet site performance
  • Identify the features and content that various device users find most useful

J.D. Power’s research solutions enable third-party automotive companies to target those performance activities that have a direct impact on ROI.


Note: J.D. Power offers its own consumer automotive websites that compete with the websites studied in the U.S. Automotive Website Evaluation Study Cross-Device (AWESxD). However, J.D. Power websites are not included in the AWESxD Study.

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