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O2O Website Analytics

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O2O Analytics helps publishers and networks optimize their websites.

Consumer shopping behavior is constantly evolving in today’s digital world. Not only are more and more shoppers using the Internet to shop for a new vehicle, but how they are using the Internet to arrive at their purchase decision also continues to change. While there are many analytical tools that measure website performance, publishers still speculate about the effectiveness of their website investments. This makes it difficult to understand a website’s true impact on automotive sales and justify premium rates for advertising space.

The Solution

J.D. Power’s Online-to-Offline (O2O) Website Analytics solution measures the performance of a website in terms of vehicle sales. This measurement enables publishers to better sell their inventory and make improvements to their sites. This analysis is conducted by using a proprietary, privacy-safe methodology that links online consumer website behaviors with offline retail sales data collected by the Power Information Network® (PIN) from J.D. Power.

This unparalleled data analytics capability provides publisher websites with an industry benchmark to identify the behavior of verified vehicle buyers against such key metrics as:

  • Make, model, and vehicle segments purchased
  • Vehicles sold
  • Purchase index
  • Percentage of buyers reached

The Benefits

The O2O Website Analytics report allows automotive sites to identify which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) shoppers are exposed to before they buy their vehicle, allowing sites to:

  • Grow Revenue: Obtain insights and opportunities for improvement from an objective thirdparty source that can be used to articulate the value of ad inventory to auto advertisers and their agencies
  • Measure: Validate website usage among automotive buyers
  • Enhance: Identify most effective KPIs and site sections related to sales
  • Optimize: Improve future website attributes, prioritizing by those that most correlate to sales
  • Test and Validate: Validate sales impact of site changes for future site planning
  • Get Faster Feedback: Gain access to the fastest source of real-time buyer behavior