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Mobile App Certification

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The Challenge

Within today’s increasingly customer-centric, digital world, consumers have come to expect a superior digital customer experience across all channels, including mobile apps. With the rapid pace of change in the market and competing business priorities, where do you focus your resources to deliver a superior customer experience while meeting the needs of the business? Brands need an unbiased, trusted authority to benchmark mobile app performance and assess organizational capabilities to ensure that a high level of performance can be sustained over time.

The Solution

J.D. Power’s Mobile App Certification program powered by Centric Digital certifies top-performing brands within a variety of industries, including financial services, insurance, and healthcare. Certification requires a high level of customer satisfaction with the mobile app experience as well as validation that operational best practices are in place within the mobile app organization.

The Voice of the Customer element of certification is based on overall customer satisfaction with the mobile app experience. Competitive gaps and opportunities for improvement are identified based on the five factors related to customers’ satisfaction with their mobile app experience:

  • Ease of Navigation
  • Range of Services
  • Speed of Completing Transactions
  • Clarity of Information
  • Appearance of the App

The best practices element of certification includes a rigorous evaluation of 250 mobile app experience and operational best practices conducted by J.D. Power in collaboration with Centric Digital. The 250 are a subset of Centric Digital’s DIMENSIONS, a classification system comprised of more than 3,000 digital best practices and used by industry leaders to benchmark digital proficiency. These mobile best practices include, but are not limited to, navigation design; messaging & notifications; mobile channel management; app store performance; user interface design; and digital process and governance.

The Benefits

Organizations that seek to be certified through this Mobile App Certification program will be well-positioned to:

  • Understand and report relative mobile app performance based on the Voice of the Customer and methodology from an independent, authoritative third-party
  • Identify gaps and opportunities and prioritize initiatives for investment
  • Validate and define Mobile App Experience and Operations roadmaps
  • Align budgets and teams to focus on key initiatives
  • Celebrate internally and recognize teams or individuals
  • Co-brand with J.D. Power for external recognition