Lou Farrace

Manager of Industry Analytics, Financial Services Practice

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Lou Farrace

Lou Farrace is Manager of Industry Analytics in the Financial Services Practice at J.D. Power. He is responsible for developing thought leadership content, including white papers, webinars and blog postings to provide clients from various industries with valuable insights regarding customer satisfaction and its impact on financial performance. He oversees the overall analytic output emerging from multiple studies within the Financial Services Practice, as well as questionnaire design.

Mr. Farrace joined J.D. Power in 2005 in the automotive product group before moving to the financial services industry to work as a study project manager.

Previously, Mr. Farrace managed a wide range of automotive projects, including product clinics and focus groups, at GfK, which is one of the world’s largest market research organizations.

Mr. Farrace earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Western Michigan University.