Canadian Home Insurance Study

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Taking the Customer Experience to the Next Level

For nearly 50 years, J.D. Power has been capturing the opinions and perceptions of millions of consumers annually. J.D. Power data and insights are used by companies worldwide to improve quality, satisfaction, and business performance, while J.D. Power ratings aid consumers in making more informed purchase decisions. By analyzing the many aspects of the customer experience, J.D. Power can identify the multiple drivers of that experience, measure and understand the impact of those drivers, and help advance business results by monitoring and improving performance.

Now in its ninth year, the J.D. Power Canadian Home Insurance StudySM not only analyzes customers’ perceptions of their home insurance coverage and their insurer’s ability to meet their expectations, but also identifies metrics for each customer touch point and the service levels for each measure that represent best practice performance targets for satisfying customers. The 2017 study also examines the impact of home insurance on the sale of home policies and customer loyalty and provides critical national and regional benchmarking information on insurers across three regions throughout Canada: Atlantic/Ontario, Quebec, and Western.

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