Canadian Dealer Financing Satisfaction Study

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The J.D. Power Canadian Dealer Financing Satisfaction StudySM is an annual industry benchmark of dealer satisfaction with automotive finance providers for both wholesale and retail products. The study profiles captive and non‐captive (banks and independents) indirect auto finance providers; offers insights into the elements of a highly satisfying dealer experience; and explores the elements of dealer loyalty to a particular lender.

The study’s core objectives are to:

  • Enable finance providers to understand dealer perceptions of their performance relative to competitors in the marketplace. Specifically, dealers evaluate their experience with finance providers in four financing segments:
    • Prime Retail Credit
    • Sub‐Prime Retail Credit
    • Retail Leasing
    • Floor Planning
  • Identify the processes and relationship “touch points” that have the greatest influence on dealer satisfaction and determine where improvement initiatives may deliver the greatest impact.
  • Provide insights on how market conditions affect dealer behaviour, needs, and priorities from a financing perspective.

The Canadian Dealer Financing Satisfaction Study meets these objectives through gathering and analyzing the opinions of automotive dealers across Canada. Dealers identify their current key providers within each of the four financing segments and evaluate them on virtually every aspect of their relationship. The study targets the opinions of dealer principals and finance and insurance managers because J.D. Power recognizes the unique vantage point each of these respondent groups has in assessing different aspects of the financing relationship they have with the providers with which they work.